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The Sausage Dudes



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1 Case - Single Flavor

This pack contains 30 sausages in 6 individual packs. Single flavor.

  • Perfect for tailgates, corporate gifts, or birthday presents.
  • All-natural ingredients, no MSG, gluten-free.
  • Each pack has 5 sausages, totaling 1lb (16 oz).
  • Made in the USA.
  • Shipped frozen in a 10-quart styrofoam cooler with gel ice packs.
  • Purchases support The Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida, Mission Club in Panama, and Proem Ministries in Poland.

Flavor Profiles:

  • Cousin Pauly’s “ForgetAboutIt” Italian Sausage: Our take on a classic Italian sausage. So flavorful, you'll "forget about" the rest.
  • Bobby’s Big Belly Beer Bratwurst with Cheddar & Jalapeño Peppers: Paul's top pick for tailgates, featuring cheddar and jalapeño. A beloved choice at Jacksonville Jaguars games.
  • Uncle Bolek’s Polish Sausage: Crafted from a cherished family recipe, this sausage pays homage to Patryk's Uncle Bolek, who introduced him to the art of sausage-making in Poland.
  • Pepin's Hungarian Brand Sausage: A tribute to Hungary with handpicked spices, including authentic Hungarian smoked paprika, offering the perfect kick.


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